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Sober Living In Sherman Oaks


Rad Living Recovery Residence is an affordable, welcoming sober living home for men who have the sincere desire to live in a supportive recovery environment as they practice and develop their sober lifestyle and continue to grow mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially. Residents will increase their personal skill levels in the areas of:

  • Honesty

  • Accountability

  • Obtaining and maintaining gainful employment

  • Social interaction

  • Personal and financial responsibility

  • Self esteem

  • Goal setting and achievement

Rad Living’s home is located in Sherman Oaks, California. We believe in providing a safe environment for men in recovery to live and grow as they expand their recovery program and begin to transition into independent living. Through a structured environment men residing in Rad Living are encouraged to work, get involved in the community, return to school, and return to their families. Our hope is that all our residents discover the gifts that have been given to them allowing them to live a happy substance-free life!




Our mission at Rad Living is to give each member a lifetime of recovery and well-being by providing a fun, safe, sober and healthy living environment while implementing proven techniques that work for creating a life of sober independence.


Our values

We, at RAD Living, lead by example. We practice certain values that have led us to become the productive and responsible members of society that we are today.


The following values include:

Integrity – Doing what is right even when no one is watching

Compassion- Having genuine concern for another’s wellbeing with warmth and affection

Community- Providing a feeling, and/or sense, of comradery and fellowship with others as a result of sharing common histories and the goal of freedom from active addiction/suffering

Ethics- Upholding a set of standards based on a foundational moral compass of what is right based on the needs of each individual, or given situation.

We have found these values necessary to have long lasting positive effects, and sustaining results, on a person’s life in recovery. We lead with these values so that those who become residents at RAD Living learn how to embrace them as their own and practice them in their daily life.