Starting a New Sober Life in Los Angeles

sober living in los angeles

Beginning sober living in Los Angeles, CA can be a scary thing, especially if you believe that you are doing it alone. Here at RAD Living Recovery, we want you to know that you aren’t alone, there are plenty of people daily starting over in Los Angeles. Living a life of sobriety is exciting and admirable and you should be very proud of yourself. There are numerous benefits to living a drug & alcohol free life. Keep reading to learn more about how your life will improve immensely when you’re sober and living in LA! 


Benefits of Sober Living in Los Angeles

If you completed inpatient treatment in Los Angeles, staying in the city for continued aftercare is a great idea. If you are just in the beginning stages of finding a new city to get sober in; consider Los Angeles: 

  • Good weather – Good weather has been known to help in the recovery process and assists in the maintenance of sobriety. In contrast, bad weather depending on the season has been known to slow the recovery process and possibly cause a relapse. 
  • Job opportunities – There are many job opportunities in Los Angeles that provide a healthy environment that can assist in relieving stress. Because this is a very diverse area, there seems to be a large amount of jobs for tons of different things. 
  • Sober community – Within Los Angeles, there are many different communities that promote healthy sober living. Within these communities, they provide resources, a healthy environment, and good, clean fellowship. 
  • Resources – In Los Angeles, there are many different resources to help with maintaining sobriety, easing the process of recovery, and preventing future relapse.
  • Diversity – In Los Angeles there are an abundance of diverse beliefs, people, and things, These communities in LA seem to be accepting of recovering addicts and are understanding in the environment that these addicts need. 

These are just a few of the many benefits that Los Angeles has to offer in the process of recovery and sobriety.


How to Live Your Best Sober Life in LA

Moving to Los Angeles is the first step in living your best sober life in LA, but there are many other steps that can help you along the way. Here are some things that you can do to make your best sober life a reality.

  • Find that dream job – Finding a job is very important in having a successful life. It is also important to find a job that supports your morals and your recovery. Landing a job with insurance benefits that help with the financial burdens of recovery is a major plus. 
  • Embrace a sober community – Living in a community that supports recovery will help to prevent a relapse and provide assistance within the recovery process. This will also help you to find individualized care and support within that community.
  • Engage in new friendships – Having friends that better your recovery process is key to being happy and maintaining sobriety. These friends can be sober or don’t necessarily have to be, just make sure they are supportive of your recovery journey. 
  • Join a support group – Finding a support group, like AA or NA,  is helpful when recovering in a new home. These groups can not only provide fellowship and friendships, but they may also be able to help you find resources within Los Angeles to assist in your recovery process. 

These steps taken within Los Angeles can assist in the recovery process and provide substantial support in easing this process, continuing the maintenance of sobriety, and preventing relapse in the future.


How Can RAD Living Recovery Help?

At RAD Living Recovery, a men’s only sober living, we provide a sober residency to our clients to help them in their recovery process. Located in the San Fernando Valley, we provide the perfect environment to assist our clients with their individual needs while acclimating to the “real world”. Our residences use a three-phased model that maintains the idea that privileges are earned in the house, not given. This residency offers a structured environment, which contributes positively to our clients recovery process. Contact us today to learn more!