Finding a Sober Living in Los Angeles County

sober living los angeles county

Getting addiction treatment at a professional facility is very important for the recovery process, but did you know that there are houses/homes that provide social support and a community that remains abstinent from substances together to avoid a future relapse? These are called sober living homes. The sober living community works towards maintaining long term sobriety. 

Here at RAD Living Recovery Residences, we have sober living homes that provide that sober environment for men who are looking for a safe, sober environment to live in. Today we’d like to discuss what a sober living home is, why it’s important to continue recovery even after treatment, and how we can help! 

What Is a Sober Living Home? 

A sober living home is an alcohol and drug free environment/setting that is for individuals who are recovering from a substance. These homes help the addicted individual to remain abstinent to prevent a future relapse. The idea of a sober living home is to remove individuals from their destructive living environment/way to living and put them into an environment that creates a new social support system within their treatment.

Some of the characteristics of a sober living home are:

  1. An alcohol/drug free environment that is for recovering individuals who are trying to abstain from alcohol and drugs.
  2. Strongly encourages attendance to 12-step programs/self-help groups (Alcoholics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, ect.)
  3. Requires individuals to comply with house rules such includes rules such as maintaining abstinence, paying fees and rent, actively participating in chores and meetings for the individuals inside the house.
  4. Residents within the home are responsible for financing rent or other costs.
  5. There may be an invitation for residents to stay within the home for as long as they want as long as they comply with the home’s rules. 

Why Is It Important to Continue Addiction Recovery After Leaving Treatment?

Life after treatment can bring about fear of having a future relapse and can be hard to implement sobriety back into daily routines and relationships. Making an after treatment plan is helpful when striving to maintain sobriety and will continue to help those stay on track during sobriety. Continuing to get support after treatment allows you to:

  • Connect with support that has the same lifestyle (drug-free/alcohol-free habits). This could be new friends, healthcare professionals, family members, a recovery team, etc. 
  • Continue to practice a healthy lifestyle.
  • Manage situations/environments that may trigger a future relapse or the desire to use a substance. These triggers could be stress, peers who continue to use drugs or alcohol, places that have substances in it like restaurants, homes, etc., and there could be situations that could be triggering as will. 

After treatment, some addiction treatment programs may continue to offer post-treatment support, aftercare, and continuing care. This care is usually overseen by professionals (case managers, recovery coaches, trained individuals, etc.,). This aftercare would include things such as:

  • Individual therapy and group counseling
  • Support groups or 12-step programs
  • Medication
  • Recovery checkups by trained/certified individuals
  • Drug testing (to continue to have a reason to maintain sobriety)
  • Services will also be provided for those such as employment, housing, legal needs, and relationships

Recovery housing, also known as sober living homes, can be a good option for aftercare recovery. It provides additional support, without throwing a recovery individual straight back into real world environments that could trigger a relapse. A recovery house provides a lot of support and supervision after treatment. 

How RAD Living Recovery Residences Can Help

At RAD Living Recovery Residences, we provide affordable and welcoming sober living homes for men who want to live with a supportive environment and are also trying to overcome an addiction. We help out clients to grow mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually while developing their sober lifestyle. We strive to make recovery and support fun, safe, sober, and healthy. Reach out to us today to find a sober living home that is right for your and your individualized needs!